A talk with talented singer & music composer ‘Md.Amirul Islam Tamim’

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Tamim , popular artist of the time. He is a singer and music composer. Besides he has completed graduation from University of Dhaka. In a recent interview with , He reveals more about his life.
What are you doing at present?
Tamim: At present I am busy for my upcoming songs likely lyricist Tareq Ananda’s track “Vhorer Janala” . Another track “Maa” is written by Robiul Islam Jibon.Tune by Mohammed Milon.besides some Edm,melodious,sad,romantic and semi-classical based songs are also in the list.

Can you explain brief story of your career?
Tamim: My music career started early of my age. At first I had learned from my home tutor. I studied Nazrul sangeet for seven years at chhayanaut sangeet bidyayatan. My family is my inspiration behind music career. My first track “Keno” released from Sanggita banner in 2014. Like others “Bujhlina”, “Lore jaw Bangladesh”,
“Nimeshe”, Cholonamoyi(2M),Bekkha,tomari hoyechi ami,firey aso na,vhul manush,abeg diya din chole na these songs become popular and listeners accepted cordially.
Which song became hit?
Tamim : I came to closer my audience by Titled song “Bujhlina”, “Uru Uru Mon”, “Cholonamoyi”,” Abeg diya din chole na”,”Bekkha”,”Vhul Manush”,”Lore Jao Bangladesh”and some others.
What kind of song do you like to do?
Tamim: Basically I like to do sad romantic, semi-classical and Nazrul sangeet .
Have you worked for clients?
Yes, I have worked for clients also. In recent singer Mahadi sultan’s track and two track of Putul(Close up one) those will be featured by me.
What is your opinion about the popularity through the visual view for artist?
Tamim: Nowadays audience likes video more than audio. It is true that few peoples think the popularity counts seeing viewer. I do not agree because there are so many obscene songs and we see millions of viewers. What do you think that these songs get popularity? I don’t think so. For example, titled “Uru Uru Mon” is a studio version only and I got huge response from the audience. I think if the content of song becomes good automatically it will become hit surely.

Most of the artist is now prone to make video more than audio. What is the reason behind it?
Tamim: Song is an art, it is a spiritual. A song touches millions of heart when it’s mixed up with lyric and voice. If someone fails to sing in a tune properly, the dream of achieving popularity by making video will be worthless. So, I think artist should give more importance to audio than video.
Who is your idol?
Tamim: Tahsan khan is my idol.

Which Artist have u worked with?
Tamim: i have work with a lots of artist named Nirjhor,Putul,Mahdi,Mouri,Farabee,Yesmin labonno,Sheniz,Dristy anam and more.
Which Lyricist have worked with you?
Tamim: Robiul islam jibon,Tareq Ananda,N i Bulbul,Giyas sany,Mahfuz Imran,Sajeeb Shariar,Sharid belal,Susmita biswas sathi,Kona chowdhury,Ziauddin Alam and more.
What is your future plan?
Tamim: I want to learn more and enlighten myself. I want to find myself as well established singer and composer of Music Industry.
Finally tell something for your fans.
Tamim: They are very supportive. I feel great when I see my fan promote my songs on other pages. They praised my song. Best wishes to all music lovers and my fans also.

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