My mother is my best friend

Swastika Biswas (Rupkotha)
Everyone loves their mother. I also love my mother. Because my mother is very helpful. She helps the helpless man.

It’s maybe when I was in class Five. After coming coaching I feel very tired. Then I have a little nap. After a little nap, I open my bag and put the dairy on the table. Then I open it and saw there are so many home works and a class test for the next day.

This time my mother come and ask me, “what happened?” I told her, ‘There are many home works and a class test next day. Then my mother told me don’t be panic. I am with you. After then she was teaching and completed the syllabus. The next day I had beautifully submitted my homework and my class test was good.That day my mother is leaving her all work for me. After that day when I have a lot of homework or class test or any problem I haven’t afraid. Because I know my mother is always with me when I fall any trouble or not. My mother is my best friend and I love her very much.

Swastika Biswas (Rupkotha) Class: Eight School: YWCA Junior Girls’ High School.

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